The Royal Naval Club established its roots way back in the 1860s when it became a sanctuary and watering hole for naval officers who were generally a long way from home.  In 1971 it merged with the Royal Albert Yacht Club to form the current organisation.

The Clubhouse stands within the old fortifications at one of the best sites in Old Portsmouth, overlooking the Governor's Green and with views over the Green and Long Curtain Battery to Spithead and the Isle of Wight. From the Club's tower it is possible to see from Cowes in the west, to Selsey Bill in the east. The founders certainly achieved their objective of creating a very special Club, for in the late 1800s and early 1900s it became a very well known rendezvous for Kings and Princes alike but more particularly those who liked their victuals and good wine. A glimpse at the still existing menu book of those early days shows the splendid quality of the meals.

Today the Club caters for members of all backgrounds and ages and not necessarily naval, and whether their interests are social or sailing they can expect the same exemplary standards of service laid down by our forefathers. If you are interested in more background about the Club visit our History section - you might be pleasantly surprised.

A recent programme of refurbishment has been carried out, and whilst the Club's character still remains, the use of more flexible furnishings and facilities enable a greater range of social and commercial activities to take place. Members and their guests can still enjoy the collection of fine silver trophies, magnificent paintings, ship models and memorabilia accumulated over 130 years. Today the library remains one the of Club's great treasures with many rare books on naval history and procedures, some nearly 300 years old. It contains one of the most comprehensive collections of Navy Lists in the world - you can even look up "Nelson, Captain Horatio".  

We love the past but we don't dwell there. The Club is open to all men and women who have an interest in maritime matters but also to those who enjoy the company of like minded people in an atmosphere of conviviality and fun and who seek to contribute to the life of the Club through its many activities.

The Club actively supports and encourages the sport of yachting and boating and has many other interest groups including Bridge, Wine and Music Appreciation, Pilates etc. In particular the Club provides a wide and imaginative social and dining programme to suit all tastes. The members enjoy the privilege of reciprocal facilities of more than 50 clubs throughout the world and we particularly cherish our relationships with the Royal Navy, the Royal Naval Sailing Association and the Association of Retired Naval Officers.