On The Water

In 1864 the newly founded Royal Albert Yacht Club was at the heart of the keenest competition in sail racing in the Solent. The cutter yachts, huge by our present standards, were at the forefront of design. Two leading members of the Royal Albert were experimenting with a revolutionary sail.

They competed hotly for the coveted Royal Albert Cup. In 1865 it was won by William Gordon in his 40 ton Niobe. In that year he was said to be conducting trials with a full bellied foresail. In 1866 H C Maudsley in his 47 ton yacht Sphinx won the cup who too had conducted trials with a revolutionary foresail flying from the masthead and using a detachable boom.

Who was first with the design? At this distance in time it is impossible to be certain but we can be sure that the 1866 victory was considered to be due to the new sail. We can also be sure that the crew of Maudsley’s yacht called it the Sphinxacre.

In modern times, after many decades, the Regatta was resurrected in 2014 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Club and the 80th of the Victory Class.

The Regatta continues to grow in presence and size in the Solent racing season. Addressing a greater number of classes and with commercial and support partners the future is very bright.

RNC & RAYC Members

Spanning the entire range of experience and qualification, sailing committee members are always willing to advise on passages and ports about which they have experience: cruising with other boats is an excellent way of developing competence and confidence.

Safety & Liability

Skippers are reminded that they are responsible for the seaworthiness, competent navigation and general safety of their vessel and crew at all times during RNC & RAYC events. Owners must ensure that their boats insurance is sufficient to cover all third party risks.

Club Moorings

The Club has a beneficial arrangement on a number of berths at Haslar marina, eighteen of which are used by the Victory Class, the members of which regard the Club very much as home, and owners of similar sized yachts and powerboats. The other berths are larger and suited to boats of up to 10 metres in length. We are able to offer a sizeable discount on berthing rates to our members, crew parking, and discount at YouBoat Chandlery. Berths are occasionally also available for non-members, particularly for smaller craft.

Looking for a berth? Contact the Club Manager via
manager@rnc-rayc.co.uk or 02392 825924

Blue Ensign Permits

Blue Ensign Permits are provided to members on receipt of the application form, which can be downloaded using the link on this page then printed.  Please send it, with the appropriate payment, to the membership and Club Manager.

If you have any questions, please contact 
info@rnc-rayc.co.uk or call 023 9282 5924.